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> Top Secret <
Pointless pictures, crap cartoons, deranged drawings and awful animations by Oxford's silliest, sickest and sexiest sound system supremo!
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The Official Anti-Rave Site
Says it all really!

Home to the facially inept. Special surprise guest DJ!

Big up da Marston Massive! Her stunning blend of elevating trance and hard horse guarantees Oxford's top DJ a kick-ass dance floor whenever she plays records to it.

Pendragon in The Fridge 15/04/2000
Have a look at them and take a couple to put them in your site if you want. I am a fan of Pendragon and The secret.

Access All Areas
Hi! Access All Areas website was launched at the last Trancentral party. Address: The site contains information about all parts of the Techno/Rave scene in London. We have made a link to your site under our links section. If you like our site, perhaps you can make a link to us? /Johan

Origin Interrupt
US Techno/Freethought Emag

Sunshadow Eclipse Festival
Mm The Sunshadow 99 Eclipse Festival lets play a game called "Who's playing at Sunshadow?" Oh Bollox!!! just go and check it out........

Autopilot produces computer-generated performers that dance to music - the site includes photographs of festivals/raves Autopilot has performed at this year.

Activated Magazine
A techno magazine from the US.

proteus productions
Live music production/decor company. Also host to the Megadog site.

DJ Shadow Captain of Stellar Trance Group, and his twisted mind. Rated "A-A+" by most surfers, with no spam-banners.

Cyberportal to 604th dimension
Homepage of trance project Dogma and Astralis party organisers

DJ Ellis Dee - Andromeda Productions
Home of DJ Ellis Dee Usa & Andromeda Productions.

> Secret Music <
Oxford's best dance act by a long way.


E=mc2. What more can we say. You will see the light. Psychedelic technotrance parties and record label in darkest Manchester . . .

Boom Booom
Manchester's eclectic club possee bring you mixed media events and 2 weekly Real Audio broadcasts,Sunday 7pm-9pm BST, and Wed. 10am-12pm BST. (BST=GMT+1hr). Much info and links to the club culture in the North West of England and the rest of the globe.

Future Psychedelia
Psychedelic trance releases, reviews,parties etc

Techno Online
Worldwide Techno Resource: Parties, DJs, Interviews, ...

A massive cross-searchable database of the global rave subculture's happenings. Tracking literally thousands of events, DJs, promoters, flyers, mixtapes and much more of the past, presents and future alike.

INTERZONE Switzerland
Psychedelic Trance, Goa parties, dates, fliers, reports, artists, E-Mail fliers, MP3 tracks... online since 4/97, updates at least weekly

Dance Music Resource Pages
Complete weekly listing of new UK dance releases & imports including track listings & catalogue numbers, plus online mail order service

Lush Recordings
Home of Mr. Oz, Larry Lush and Friends Lovers & Family... + The new single by The Secret 'Rhythm of Life'

Not so Secret music but highly psychedelic....

thE zone'98 A dance music webzine
Could be a rubbish site or a great one, only one way to find out. BTW it's a dance music webzine.

Astral Projection Goa Trance
About Israeli Goa

the mobeus
home of pys-trance's mad northern bastard offspring [the mobeus]

Massive Attack
Massive Attack; countdown to the 3rd album.

Wales trip
A few photos from Carry On Regardless, Wales

Pendragon homepage
Official Pendragon site with dates and info

> Secret Culture <
Children of Kaos
Our Entrance Foyer. Just for you there's whats-on calendars, wierd links, discographies, interviews & much more. All devoted to the dance rave culture. Promoters, you'll find details of a wicked themed event rigging service. If you're into dance / rave then come visit us! homepage
The FAQ and web ring for UMR

Dale's London Techno Events
The ultimate London party animal resource!

The Password
Dedicated to combining the best in rave culture info from around the web

Evil Steve's home page
The Evil One: photos from various Pendragon, Secret and Audio Pancake gigs

Unofficial Pendragon site
4D's site, also home of the 4D sound system

The Head-Space Project
Non-commercial experimental web site for artists, designers, technicians and musicians - seven hundred pages of madness

Photos of the UK trance/rave scene

> Secret Weird Shit <
A Brazilian Gay Site, very simple but honest. Kiss on knees

Felix's strange collection of poems, images and bananas

The Circlemakers
Home of England's crop circle makers!

> Secret and Suppressed <
The Revelation
what you think once you Know the Secret


> part of the head-space project <