I can't fucking find it. Of course I can't, I don't even know where I am. But I won't know - do I want to?

Oh christ! Let's make this easy, please. I need my box.

He has to create. Can we help him? Of course not, it is entirely his matter.

meow/ Ok, ok. Take it slow. I just need my box. And if I find it - then what?

I will create. Can't you create without it?

No. Why not?


Create with whatever...I need my box. Fine, go find it then.

I'm in my world. It's mine. Give me a box.

Thank you. He needs to create, now he has the power. What the hell does he want to make?

People. People for the world.

Too they are....he walks down the street, people about him. Are they real? Are they projection of the real? Are they creations? By whom?

Funny, isn' it - this is virtual...

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1997, 1998 MIN Project