There we go.

She happily laps up the fresh milk he's just given her. He looks on happily.

Keep doing. No thinking, yet.

He has control over it. He's learnt to switch it on and off. It took a long time.

A very long, agonising, painful, heart breaking time.

click/ Time. Not much to it really. A little tick tock here, another ding-dong there. It was easy to watch it go now.

Time to go soon. The crossword was done.

He wasn't happy with one answer but he couldn't allow himself ponder it - or the thinking might begin.

Shave. Foam. Hot Water. Mirror. Ouch. Blood?

No. Good.


Shower or bath?

It was always one of those questions that deserved research funding and never got it. Maybe a letter to the lottery fund might do something about it?

Bubble bath v. shower gel.

Extended dip v. short splash.

Shower. Why not?

Don't rationalise. No wonder Nike do well - Just Do It.

He turns the control - woosh!

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