But was he alive?

Was the pain keeping him alive? Was his heart really beating for maintaining the pain?

He had no love. No family. No friends.

How typically sad.

Couldn't he have at least achieved sadness in unconventional ways?

How could his worlds make anyone happy.

woosh/ He resisted a sudden urge to delete all of them.

It was tempting to see how all those sad people in his worlds would survive without them. But he didn't have the heart to do it.

Maybe he was alive. He felt for his users. They had a way to escape. He had to wait for the thoughts.

They had escapism on demand. Human progress was indebted to escapism. More realistic escapism provided less realistic life.

How else could we survive the future?

But how did his worlds convince?

How did they keep people engaged for years?

How did they let them escape?

He'd never understood. Maybe he never would. He wasn't really sure if he wanted to know.

Oh. He'd finished another world.

It stood empty. Complete except for people.

Maybe he could help...

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1997, 1998 MIN Project