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The average design of a web site STILL falls way below the design average for all other media.

The world of web design is rapidly changing and my first design rant met with an overwhelming amount of approval. Thank you to those who put fingertips to keyboards and responded.

There is a water-resistant film of good design floating on the pit of diluted graphics that exists on the net. I always seem to come across the same names when looking at examples of design excellence and link pages. Are there so few? Follow these links and I hope to point you in the direction of some favourites.

(I can see a 3rd rant coming on)

I wish all those who are learning on the fly with design on the web the best of luck, but some of these "garage" companies are damaging the industry. They pitch into jobs with a front the size of Blackpool, quoting prices a quarter of the job's worth. Most clients see that you WILL get what you pay for, but others go for the route that will shine in the reflection of their boss's new media budget. Sadly, this often leads to a sub-standard job, bad first (and last) impressions for the potential customer visiting this site, and in the words of Felix Velarde, "The net has a long memory".

(edit: things have changed a lot since this was first written)

Many of us need to be reminded to keep an open mind in this amazing new media, that's still only just out of nappies

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