deadsheep; a state of design that does not relate exactly to another.

How many times have you seen a web page that uses bevel-edged buttons, lens flares or an oblong graphic at the top of a page as a header? WHY? Surely the fact that it's been done before and doesn't look any good, should mean that noone else would do it. But no. Filter-frenzy syndrome is wide spread. Not everyone is a great designer, but everyone who is on the net must have a brain. Use it.

This is a wake-up call to all those people who think designing a web page is a matter of making it fit in with what is already up on the net. Off-the-shelf design boils my blood. It's FINE if they aren't any good at design, but a lot of people brag about their capabilities, with no justification. I'm probably coming over as a upper-crust design snob, but please don't take it that way. I want to shout out across the web for people to THINK about what they put up, and be original. 'Cos the web is turning into a foul smelling sheep dip.

I may be in no position to climb onto my soap box. I'm influenced by some of the incredible graphics that do exist.

But I have an opinion.

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